Polypropylene Curtains

Supply & Installation


The Polypropylene Ventilation curtain is a temporary installation underground which is lightweight and easy to install

Technical Information

  • Our curtains installations are manufactured to the highest quality standards with Polypropylene 114gsm with coated 1cm red strip material.
  • This material is flame retardant according to the NCB245 Specifications for mines.
  • Vent Curtains can be supplied in rolls or 10m sheets.

Curtains Standard Size Range:

  1.  – 1.37m x 10m
  2.  – 1.50m x 10m
  3.  – 1.80m x 10m
  4.  – 2.00m x 10m
  5.  – 2.45m x 10m

All these sizes can be supplied in 500m Rolls

Polypropylene Curtain Segment

Installed Section of Curtain