Water Jetting

Gamma 200L CES Water Jet


Biziwe (PTY) Ltd can also offer you water jet cleaning.
We utilise the redesigned “stope-washing” machine.
Our newly designed model supersedes all its predecessors in all areas especially economically and in terms of practicality without sacrificing the power.

Compact & Simple Design

The robust outer steel frame, shell and cover panels have been hot-dipped with galvanised steel and have been designed to protect the unit from harsh conditions undergrounds as well as the operator.

The unit has been economically designed to aid in the manoeuvrability of the machine through rough terrains undergrounds as well as ease of handling and transportation.

The Gamma 200L CES was designed to incorporate a minimalistic approach with regards to components installed on it, this ensures that:

  • Parts are easily accessible
  • Repairs are uncomplicated