Bioprotect Technology

The Bioprotect System

The BIOPROTECT™ system includes an array patented. EPA registered technologies to modify surfaces, providing such surfaces with disinfection and durable long term antimicrobial protections that kills and inhibits the growth of problematic bacteria, fungi, algae, protozoans, viruses and other microorganisms that can exist in many of life’s surfaces.

How Bioprotect works

When applied to a surface or incorporated into the manufacturing process, BIOPROTECT™ forms a covalent bond with the surface creating a durable micro biostatic antimicrobial coating. The coating forms a nano-bed shield of spikes (self-assembling monolayer), each of which carry a positive charge that attracts the negatively charged bacteria. Once attracted, the molecular spikes pierce the cell and rupture its cell membrane, causing that bacterial microorganism to die on contact.

Health Care

Protect your patients, your employee’s health and your investment by providing a new standard of clean when your healthcare facility is BIOPROTECTED™


Protect your most valuable asset, your family, pets and your home form harmful bacteria and germs by getting your home BIOPROTECTED™


BIOPROTECT kills 99.9% of germs and viruses. Anti-microbial. Disinfect large public areas Ideal for sanitizing spray booths and surfaces. Provides up to 6 hours of protection on hands. Provides up to 90 days surface protection. Prevents the transfer of illness causing germs. Fast drying, instantly effective. Increased and efficiency with repeated use. Alcohol-free formula.

Enviro Disinfect

ENVIRO DISINFECT kills 99.9% of germs. Water based / Non -Toxic . Alcohol Free, Non- corrosive. Leaves no residue . Food industry safe. SABS, NRCS approved.

Fast Hand Sanitiser

FAST HAND SANITISER is specially formulated for the protection against germs. For general disinfection of hands & surfaces. Kills viruses & bacteria. SANS490:2013 Compliant. Pharmaceutically approved. MSD Reports available on request.

Juno Fumigation Kit

JUNO FUMIGATION KIT. Juno CLO2 gas fumigation-DIY fumigation kit. Disinfects with CLO2 dry gas. Safe, portable, easy to use. Eliminates, bacteria, mold and micro organisms. Needs ±3 hours in area to be effective.

Sanifog Disinfectant Fog

SANIFOG DISINFECTANT FOG. Disinfectant Aerosol Fogger +-30m3. Residual Effect against bacteria, Low Toxicity. Use indoors, NRCS approved.