Clearless Brattice 


The product we offer is SABS approved and offers an innovative solution to ventilation regulation in areas that have people and machinery movement and is easily installed whilst being robust and strong, capable of withstanding the rigours of modern mining. This product is a versatile solution for areas where machinery and worker movement are occurring and   ventilation regulation is required such as Roadways, Raises or ASG.

Technical Information

  • SABS Approved.
  • Minimum of 400mm in width and 4mm thick.
  • Slow Fire Propagation.
  • Self-extinguishing when lit.
  • Sparse Smoke Liberation.
  • Low ignition or detonation potential.


  • Installation can be done on various ways, depends on the mine’s specifications.
  • Hanging the brattice there must be a 300mm overlap that needs to be measured.