Permanent Ventilation Seal


Permanent Ventilation Seal is a patented product developed specifically for underground mining ventilation application in the mining sector. Biziwe Permanent Ventilation Seal is manufactured locally at our manufacturing facility in Rustenburg, and represents the main focus of our business. Our product was fire tested by the South African Bureau of Standards and boasts a SABS Class1 Product Rating as well as achieving a 0.07 rating during SABS test. The Permanent Ventilation Seal was also Fire Lab Approved.


Permanent Ventilation Seal is designed to be installed as a permanent fixture in underground areas with a height ranging from 1 meter to 3 meters and length varying from 1 meter to an excess of 15 meters. It will form a vital part of the ventilation control system. Preventing the loss of airflow to a particular section by forming a contour hugging airtight seal in between pillars, strike gullies, pillar holing, traveling ways, cross cuts and box holes aiding the directional flow of fresh air to work areas. A secondary function of Permanent Ventilation Seal is restricting access to “mined out” sections by means of the steel reinforcing used to provide structure rigidity acting as a human barrier.


  • Install the Permanent Ventilation Seal against existing stick support (install additional support if required) to maintain the maximum of 2 meters sin to skin distance in conventional areas. Trackless sections with pillars – install 4 sticks.
  • Measure the area to be sealed and cut the Permanent Ventilation Seal to size.
  • Fold the edges of the seal and press into place, ensuring that the vent seal is facing the vent flow way.
  • Allow and measure an overlap of 300mm on the hanging wall, side wall and foot wall.
  • Nail the seal to the stick support with 6” nails and washers to keep it into position.
  • Drill the required 8mm holes through the wire mesh corners into the hanging wall, side walls and foot wall.
  • Insert the sleeve anchors and fasten with 10mm spanner.
  • Seal the edges against the hanging wall, side walls and foot wall with cement or foam.
  • The Permanent Ventilation Seal must be installed according Safe Work Procedures.

Installation Training

As part of our commitment to deliver the best service and expertise we provide training in the safe & proper installation of Permanent Ventilation Seal Products.